CBD Tincture 101: CBD Tinctures for Newbies

Did you know that CBD activates certain neurotransmitter receptors in your brain?  These same receptors help regulate sleep, anxiety, addiction, appetite, and can even help naturally reduce pain. CBD is a natural component of the cannabis and hemp plants that comes in many forms including oils, creams, salves, capsules, pills, and tinctures. CBD tinctures, in particular, are a great way to get all the benefits while making sure you get the correct dose. Keep reading to learn more about CBD tinctures and how they can benefit you today. What Are Tinctures? A tincture is an herbal extract that has been concentrated as a liquid by using glycerin, grapeseed oil, and/or coconut oil among others to pull the active ingredients (in this case...

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CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil: Which Is Better?

CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil: Which Is Better? When it comes the CBD capsules versus CBD oil, which is better? To answer your question, click here to read everything you need to know today! If you want to try CBD products, you’re probably unsure if you should try CBD oil or CBD capsules. Both methods have their pros and cons. Hopefully, we helped you decide which option is best for you!

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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Body Lotion

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Body Lotion What Are the Benefits of CBD Body Lotion?  CBD body lotion and any kind of topical has a variety of studied benefits. Here are a few top ways they can help your health. Muscle and Joint Pain The National Academies Institute has found that the topical application of CBD is known to improve chronic muscle and joint pain. In fact, they state that patients are “more likely to experience a clinically significant reduction in pain symptoms.”

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