When to Take CBD: Which Time Is Best for Maximum Effect?

You’ve heard a lot of good things about CBD so you’ve decided to try and work it into your everyday wellness routine. You’ve begun experimenting with dosages and products but you haven’t quite figured out when to take CBD.

The truth is, there’s no wrong time to take it. It all depends on what you want out of your dose. You’ll receive different benefits if you take it during the day vs the night. 

Once you’ve got the timing down, you’ve got to figure out how often to take CBD. We can help answer all your dosage questions. Check out this guide to learn more. 

CBD in the Morning 

Again, it doesn't matter if you take CBD in the morning or at night. Taking it in the morning can help you start off your day right by ridding you of brain fog, jumpstarting your body, and allowing you to cope with any stressful situations that may come your way. 

Gain Clarity 

Everyone has those mornings where their body is present but their mind is somewhere else. This is better known as brain fog. 

CBD can't wake up your mind like a good cup of coffee, but it can help you clear your thoughts and gain a little clarity to get through your morning. 

Cope With Stress and Challenges 

You've got five projects due within the week, your boss has already yelled at you twice, and you can't of your co-workers to take the workload seriously. You're frustrated and stressed, to say the least. 

Over stressing the situation can make matters worse, however. You need to be able to stay calm and consider all variables. This way you can distribute your time as needed. 

By taking CBD in the morning, you'll be able to better cope with stress and tackle anything your day has to throw at you. 

Get Your Body Moving 

Do you go on a run each morning or do you enjoy hitting the gym on a normal basis? CBD can help you get the most out of your workout. 

Pack a container of CBD cream in your gym bag and use it either before or after your workout. Doing so will allow your body to function a little better throughout the activity. 

It will stop your muscles from cramping up after your workout is over and decrease your recovery time so you can get back to the gym sooner. It may even help you out with muscle growth. 

CBD at Night

CBD does more than get you going. Many products can help calm you down so you can lay down and get a little sleep. Not only will you fall asleep but you'll be able to stay asleep and wake up rested. 

Calm Down After a Long Day

A lot went on at work today and now your nerves are shot. You've tried laying down on the couch and watching a little TV but nothing can close all the tabs that your mind has open. You can't stop thinking about all the things you have to do the next day.

CBD can help calm down your nervous energy, especially if you combine it with essential oils like lavender. 

Get a Goodnight's Sleep

If you want to be able to take on the stressful activities your life has ahead of you, you'll need to get a good night's sleep. A lack of sleep equals stress and brain fog which makes it impossible to think. 

Taking CBD at night will allow you to not only fall asleep but stay asleep so you can wake up nice and refreshed. No cup of coffee needed. 

How Often to Take CBD 

Do you now find yourself asking "how often can I take CBD"? It depends on your body type and what you want out of the substance. 

For most people, the right amount is about two or three times a day. Any more than that may be too much. Especially if you're only just starting out. 

All you can do is take it slow and experiment. This will allow you to set up a routine that will work for you. 

Finding Your Dosage

You'll also need to take things slow when you're trying to figure out your dosage. Start out with the smallest possible dose you can and work your way up from there until you start feeling the effects. 

If you go straight in with a large dose of CBD you may make yourself sick which is the opposite of what you want. 

Speak to Your Doctor 

If you can't figure out your dose or you're still lost when it comes to figuring out what time of day you should be taking CBD, talk to your doctor. The two of you can sit down and discuss your needs. 

From there, they can come up with an acceptable dose and suggest a routine that may work for you. It's the safest way for you to take CBD if you have any underlying health conditions or if you're taking medication currently. 

When to Take CBD to Get the Maximum Effects

Have you started taking CBD for pain and other health conditions? It's a good method to use but finding your dosage and figuring out when to take CBD can be a little tricky. 

If you're not careful you can end up taking much more than you should which will do more harm than good. If you use these tips you should be able to get off on the right foot.  

Part of getting the most out of your CBD dose is finding a product that works for you. Check out our catalog to browse through our products. 

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