CBD Lotion: 7 Amazing Reasons to Use CBD Oil for Skin Care

The CBD market is picking up steam and showing no signs of slowing down! In fact, the industry is expected to reach $20 billion by 2024. As new products are popping up throughout the marketplace, consumers are discovering new ways CBD can benefit their minds and bodies, too.

Today, many people are already using CBD to relieve their pain, anxiety, and stress. Despite these common applications, not many people realize you can use CBD oil for skin care, too. 

How can CBD as a lotion, face cream, or even body wash benefit your body? Keep reading to discover the many benefits of CBD oil for skin care!

1. Acne

CBD is commonly used for its anti-inflammatory properties. A little inflammation is normal to help free your body of disease or injury. Too much inflammation, however, can lead to a range of healthcare issues.

One of the common side effects over excess inflammation is the redness and breakouts commonly associated with acne.

By using CBD oil for skin care purposes, you can possibly reduce inflammation below the surface. CBD might help calm acne-prone skin and ease the inflammation away. As a result, your skin will begin to clear. 

In this study, scientists considered the effect CBD has on human sebocytes. These cells are responsible for creating sebum, which is an oily substance beneath the skin. Too much sebum can cause acne breakouts. 

Using CBD oil for acne might keep your body's cells from causing an inflammatory response. When inflammatory cytokines can't activate, it can help reduce your body's acne response. 

2. Wrinkles

Free radicals can harm your skin and speed up the effects of aging. By keeping an extra electron from your skin's atoms, free radicals damage your skin's DNA. This process is known as the free radical theory of aging. 

Free radicals are often produced as a response to:

  • Smog
  • Dust
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Run exposure

Free radicals can change your skin by:

  • Causing broken blood vessels
  • Producing brown spots
  • Weakening your skin so it looks loose and saggy
  • Breaking down your skin's collagen

Collagen is responsible for keeping your skin looking tight and elastic. Our bodies naturally produce less collagen as we age. That's when we begin to notice wrinkles. 

One of the benefits of using CBD oil for skin care is its possible ability to reverse the damage free radicals cause. CBD's antioxidant properties might reduce visible signs of aging throughout your skin. As a result, many people use CBD oil for wrinkles.

In addition to reducing aging signs like wrinkles, using CBD oil on the skin might also:

  • Improve a ruddy skin tone
  • Reduce skin dullness
  • Tighten your skin

If you plan on using a CBD face cream to reduce the signs of aging, look for a serum that's rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants will help fight free radicals. You can also use CBD oil for wrinkles in combination with another serum to keep your skin looking young and smooth!

3. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common chronic autoimmune system that causes skin cells to grow and divide faster than normal. As a result, the skin often reacts by producing eczema

Eczema often appears as flaky, red bumps across the skin. These pumps can appear pink, brown, or lined with silver. There's no cure for psoriasis yet. 

Many patients are turning to CBD oil for skin issues, including psoriasis, to ease the symptoms. 

Cannabinoids like CBD shows promise in slowing the growth and division of skin cells that cause these rashes. Using a CBD-enriched ointment might also reduce psoriasis symptoms. 

Meanwhile, CBD's anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the skin's redness. 

4. Sensitivity

If you have sensitive skin, you might have a difficult time finding skin care products that don't cause your skin to flare up. Instead, you'll need to use products that are designed with your skin in mind. If you're interested in reducing your flares ups, using CBD oil for skin care might help. 

CBD face cream is often ideal for people with skin sensitivity.

CBD's soothing properties and anti-inflammatory effects might calm your skin. As a result, you likely won't experience flare-ups, redness, or rashes. 

CBD oil for skin care purposes is ideal for all skin types. Its anti-inflammatory properties have the potential to help people with minor or more extensive skin problems.

CBD might also help if your skin has a negative response to environmental issues. For example, living in an area with a lot of air pollution, such as smog, or humidity, can cause flare-ups. 

By using CBD oil for skin issues, you have a chance to reduce these flare-ups.

5. Atopic Dermatitis

Children with atopic dermatitis often have itchy, red rashes across their skin. This condition is a common inflammatory skin disease that usually occurs during winter months. While some patients use corticosteroid creams, these creams often cause side effects. 

Instead, more people are turning to CBD oil for skin care. CBD might help reduce the redness and itchiness associated with dermatitis. Meanwhile, CBD doesn't have a long list of side effects to worry about.

6. Skin Impurities

You might notice skin impurities across your face or arms. These impurities are often the response of stress and anxiety. When your stressed, your body acts out by producing acne, rashes, and other impurities. 

CBD oil is also beneficial in reducing stress levels.

By keeping your stress levels under control, you can reduce these impurities.

Skin impurities are caused by other factors as well, including the lack of a skin care regimen and an unhealthy diet. Your hormones might also contribute.

By adding CBD oil for skin care to your routine, you can reduce these impurities.

7. Seborrheic Dermatitis

Using CBD oil might help slow the body's ability to secret sebum from the sebaceous glands. At the same time, CBD has the potential to slow cell proliferation on the skin. Both effects can contribute to seborrheic dermatitis.

This condition usually affects the patient's face and scalp. As with atopic dermatitis, patients notice scaly, red patches across the skin. You might notices these symptoms:

  • Behind your ears
  • Under the breasts, elbows, or knees
  • Behind other folded areas of the skin

By using CBD oil on the skin, you can regulate your body's ability to produce sebum and cause these symptoms. 

Sweet Skin Relief: Use CBD Oil for Skin Care

Treat your skin to the sweet relief it needs. By using CBD oil for skin care purposes, you can ease these symptoms and more.

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