5 Things to Consider When Ordering From an Online CBD Supplier

Did you know that out of 84 CBD products randomly sampled from the market in 2017, almost 20% of them had more THC content than stated on the label? In fact, it was sufficient content present in these CBD products to cause impairment or intoxication.

That's why it's necessary to get your CBD products from a reliable CBD supplier that sells high-quality products. CBD can be used to treat chronic pain and relieve anxiety, but if it's not from a good source, the treatment will be ineffective. Keep reading to learn how to buy CBD online and achieve the results you want.

1. Make Sure That the CBD Products Are Tested by a Third-Party Lab

Independent testing is paramount to ensure the quality of a CBD product.

Most good CBD companies will have their products tested independently by a third-party lab. The testing party will ensure that no chemicals or foreign substances are found in the CBD products being tested. The CBD company will also post the results of these tests online, so customers can check them on their own.

If a particular CBD supplier doesn't show the results of these tests, it means that they're probably not to be trusted. Before ordering CBD oil or tinctures, ask if the products are independently tested. This will help you determine if the CBD company is legitimate or not. Most high-quality CBD suppliers post the test results on their websites, so you can easily find them.

2. CBD Products Should Have 0.3% THC or Less

THC is the cannabinoid that makes you high. It's naturally present in hemp, but it's supposed to be removed when CBD products such as CBD oil and capsules are made. The law states that each CBD product should contain 0.3% THC or less in its composition. Having more THC content impairs users and causes unpleasant symptoms.

Although some people intentionally take CBD with THC for recreational use, this is not how CBD treatments are administered. Some people take CBD oil to alleviate chronic pain at work. Other CBD users have to drive 8 or more hours a day. Getting a CBD product with too much THC content can make one unable to perform his/her duties at work. That's why you should check the label of your desired CBD products and ask if they have more than 0.3% THC in their composition.

3. Ask About the Hemp Source and Cultivation Methods

Hemp is the primary plant from where CBD is extracted. The way this plant is cultivated dictates the quality of the CBD product and the effectiveness of the treatment. Before ordering CBD online, inquire about the hemp source. Ask if the hemp is organic, if it was cultivated on US soil, and what farming practices have been used. 

If the company selling CBD is genuine, you should receive appropriate answers to all your questions.

High-quality CBD suppliers maintain close relationships with hemp farmers to create some of the best CBD products on the market. On the other hand, there are also a few questionable companies that buy CBD isolate to create random CBD products. Avoid those because they can make your CBD treatment ineffective.

4. Ask About the Type of CBD Used in the Oil or Tincture You're Buying

There are different types of CBD extracts in today's CBD products.

These differ depending on how they have been extracted and processed. For example, CBD isolate is basically pure CBD. The manufacturer has extracted it from the hemp plant and eliminated all other cannabinoids, resulting in a 99% pure CBD product. This type of product is usually the most efficient in treating various health conditions.

You can also have Full Spectrum CBD which is a combination of all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, including THC. This mixture contains CBD, but also THC in decent quantities, so it might not be suitable for those who are not using it for recreational purposes.

Finally, Broad Spectrum CBD is a combination of all cannabinoids (including CBD) without the THC content. You cannot get high if you go for Broad Spectrum CBD products.

In some cases, you might need CBD in various dosages, depending on the health problem you're trying to alleviate as well as your body type and age. That's why you need to ask about the CBD extract found in various CBD products. Some people might find CBD isolate more effective while others need just a small dose of Broad Spectrum CBD.

5. Inquire About the CBD Extraction Method

CBD can be extracted from the plant in various ways.

It's important to know more about the extraction method because it directly influences the quality of the CBD product you're about to buy. For example, some companies use a solvent such as butane or propane to extract CBD from the plant. This is an efficient method, but far from the best.

Other companies use olive oil to extract CBD and this is a safer and more conservative method. However, it will not render very concentrated CBD products, so the user needs to take more CBD oil or capsules to meet his/her dosage requirements.

The best extraction method is by using pressurized carbon dioxide. This gas is very effective at extracting pure CBD from the plant while preserving its nutrients and rich flavor. If you want the best product out there, you should go for CBD oils or capsules that have been created using the carbon dioxide extraction method.

Now You Know How to Find the Best CBD Supplier for Your Needs!

As you can see, there are a few important aspects you need to remember when searching for the ideal CBD supplier. A good vendor will also price its products fairly. If you stumble upon CBD products that are sold at ridiculously low prices, this is usually a red flag, not a bargain. Explore the CBD market thoroughly and stay away from products that are sold too cheaply or for too much money.

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