5 Amazing Benefits of CBD Balm You Did Not Know

The CBD industry is booming, and you might be wondering about whether or not CBD is actually for you. Is CBD just a buzzword thrown in to make people buy these products? Does it actually work? 

CBD balm has been hitting the shelves and people are loving it, but why? What benefits does it offer? What are the benefits of CBD cream that people are enjoying so much? 

If you're a bit skeptical, that's okay. You're not alone. Plenty of people are unsure about these products before buying them and want a little bit more information before making that purchase. 

If you want to know about the benefits that CBD salve can offer you, you're in the right place. Read on for 5 super cool things that CBD balm can do for you that you might not be aware of.

Why CBD Balm?

CBD is often purchased in the form of tinctures or oils, but why would a balm make more sense for some buyers? 

Balms can be applied topically with ease, making them ideal for anyone who deals with any kind of pain or skin condition that CBD could potentially help. While oils can definitely help with these conditions, they're much easier to control and apply to the skin when they're made into a balm or lotion.

There are plenty of skin and pain conditions that someone might want localized help with. Here are a few reasons someone might want to invest in a CBD balm. 

1. It Can Reduce Arthritis Pain

Are you ever achy? Do you suffer from inflammation? You might benefit from a bit of CBD balm. 

CBD is great for pain relief in general. Some people have even made the switch from opioid medications to CBD for their chronic pain. This shows its incredible ability to help alleviate pain in some individuals. 

While CBD in many forms can get into the system for deep pain relief, if you're going to be using a topical treatment like a balm, it's best if you focus on localized pain. This is good for pain related to arthritis, any aches in joints or bruises, or just overall long-term soreness. 

The CBD in the CBD balm can't infiltrate too deep below the surface, but it is good for that near-surface-level pain that can be intolerable. 

2. Exercise Recovery Can Be Easy

After a good workout, you might suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (otherwise known as DOMS). This can be a huge pain (literally!) when you're trying to get another workout in the next day, or if you're just trying to go about your daily life. Those sore muscles can really delay a productive day.

If you want to avoid this soreness, or help calm it down after it's already started, consider slathering some CBD balm on the sore areas. The CBD, with its anti-inflammatory properties, can help to soothe this pain more quickly. 

Muscle recovery will theoretically move more quickly with the CBD balm, as it's reducing the inflammation from the muscle tears that happen to cause DOMS. Overall, if you work out, this might be the product for you.

3. Eczema Relief Is on the Horizon

If you suffer from eczema, you might be frustrated by the lack of relief that many topical treatments offer. 

While there's still research being done, there's evidence to show that CBD can relieve many symptoms of eczema, and even reduce the number of flare-ups that eczema patients suffer over time. 

While it's important to contact your regular general practitioner or dermatologist before making any changes to your skincare if you suffer from a serious skin condition, this might be a great way to make improvements to the health of your skin.

4. Psoriasis Help From CBD Balm

CBD balm doesn't only help eczema; it's beneficial to a whole host of problematic and stubborn skin conditions that people suffer from. 

CBD has been shown to help soothe the overgrowth of dry and irritated skin. While this isn't exclusive to psoriasis patients, many people with psoriasis who suffer from the same symptoms have found relief from CBD.

CBD can help to soothe the dry, flakey, and irritated skin that appears on the body from psoriasis even if it doesn't heal the condition or the flareups completely. It can help the appearance and the feeling of psoriasis, making it much more tolerable to the person who is managing the condition. 

If you want healthier, less irritated, and more hydrated skin, CBD balm might be for you.

5. Reduce Your Acne With CBD Products

Some science shows that CBD has antibiotic and antimicrobial properties, making it a good fighter against anything that wants to cause harm to the surface of your skin. 

Anyone with troublesome acne knows that it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. If you have oily skin, you might be hesitant to buy something with CBD oil in it to further oil your skin. 

CBD oil, however, with its medicinal properties, may actually slow the production of harmful bacteria on your skin and the overproduction of oil. This means that a CBD balm can actually begin to heal your acne and transform the surface of your skin overall. 

Is CBD Balm Right for You? 

If you suffer from any kind of localized pain or soreness, or if you have a skin condition that you just can't shake, you might be a great candidate for CBD balm. It's soothing on the skin and incredibly moisturizing, making it a great product even if you don't suffer from any specific condition.

There's a lot of misinformation about CBD, but the reality is that it's a fantastic little product with a lot of topical uses. If you'd like to try some of them out for yourself, visit our site


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